The Focusing Question

What is the one thing if you did it, all other things will be easier or unnecessary?

For Your:
Spiritual life
Personal life

To help you answer the question, prioritize a single task or thing to be specific by using one word if possible.

Answering this question helps you know where to spend most of your time & effort in each area of your life. It becomes easier to think & excel if you know where to put your effort which will connect the rest of the dots in your life.

I welcome you now on the path to extraordinary results where multi-tasking is no longer needed as it pulls you away from scheduling & blocking time to work-reflect-plan & relax.

This concept by itself leads to work from 1 to 4 hours a day to the ONE THING that will lead you to all other success you shall desire to achieve in your life.

To Your Success,

Khalid AlMatar